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sorry for X-posting...

"Remarkably, recent developments in theoretical physics answer some of these questions, and the answers might be important clues to the ultimate theory of reality"

woahhh. the ULTIMATE THEORY!! WOW!!! hahahaha. like its a fucking treasure hunt.

"By studying the mysterious properties of black holes, physicists have deduced absolute limits on how much information a region of space or a quantity of matter and energy can hold. Related results suggest that our universe, which we perceive to have three spatial dimensions, might instead be "written" on a two-dimensional surface, like a hologram. Our everyday perceptions of the world as three-dimensional would then be either a profound illusion or merely one of two alternative ways of viewing reality. A grain of sand may not encompass our world, but a flat screen might. " -the Scientific American

hahha this is so fucking cool! you can only get so deep into science before all the facts melt away and things come back to our perceptions and imagination.

"Indeed, a current trend, initiated by John A. Wheeler of Princeton University, is to regard the physical world as made of information, with energy and matter as incidentals"

all this could mean so many things! science has come full circle. its like theyve spent so much time and money trying to grasp reality, and the conclusion is that reality doesnt even exist. or at least that there are multiple realities. somehow it just makes me really happy and laugh a lot.

no matter how much scientific thought you expend, you will be left with the same questions about existence that man has faced since the begining of time.

Scientific American: Information in the Holographic Universe [ PHYSICS ]

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