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A Philosophical Religious Question

Here's a philosophical question for you:

Not knowing what your religious background is I ask this question. I'll be referring to the omnipotent being as just "God" because everyone has a different name for him/her.

A huge asteroid is heading for Earth. If this asteroid hit Earth all of us would be killed and the planet would be annihilated. In your opinion, would it be against "God's" will for us to devise a way to stop this catastrophe? Or, would it be your argument that it would be "God's" will for us to invent a way to save ourselves?

I was watching CONTACT a few days ago and I was a little bewildered that people were actually against contacting other Alien beings. I was also bewildered by arguments against saving the Earth should a catastrophe such as a huge asteroid striking Earth ever occur.

What are your thoughts on the Religious arguments concerning Earth tragedy and such? I only wonder because the new movie, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW is soon to be released.

Before answering your question or commenting on others answers keep in mind that all Religious views should be respected and no one should be criticized for their beliefs.
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