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Once upon a time, humans lived in harmony with the Earth. Then in Mesopotamia a culture decided that it was going to conquer the world. They brutally expanded their cultural empire by either forcing their neighbors to assimilate into their culture or by outright slaughtering their neighbors. Over the course of ten thousand years this metacultural conquest has covered the globe, with only small pockets of aboriginal cultures remaining unassimilated. The seemingly diverse modern cultures of the world all share one common metacultural trait which began in Mesopotamia: they all believe that the world belongs to humans. This belief has a corollary: that the individual is separate from the world around it. These beliefs of separation and ownership have justified all atrocities against fellow humans and Earthly inhabitants. The reason that the ancient ecologically harmonious cultures of the world fell under this conquest is because as a collective they lacked a cultural immune system.
As a visual metaphor, let us label the warlike Mesopotamian metaculture as "black", and the ecological metaculture as "white". The "black" metaculture successfully conquered the peaceful "white" cultures due to their lack of militarism. What was needed was an immunological "gray" metaculture. A gray culture appears for all intents and purposes as a "white" culture under normal conditions. However, when a gray culture identifies a "black" culture, it enters immunological mode and annihilates the "black" culture, possibly destroying itself in the process. Had the ancient world been composed of gray cultures instead of "white" ones, then our current world would not be corrupted as it is by greed; we would not be living in a "black" world. Greed directly stems from the notions of separation and ownership. If humanity survives its current "black" metacultural infection and returns to ecologically harmonious ways without first destroying itself and the ecology of the planet by its current path, then humanity will have to adopt the wisdom of gray metaculture, otherwise the cycle of global ecological devastation will begin again when another metacultural infection arises. No sufficiently complex system, be it a peaceful global culture or a biological organism, can survive without an immune system.
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